Glad to have misread your "consiousness" as being "not unconscious". I agree 
with you even in the 'life' part, except that I consider that darn elusive 
'consciousness' still "on", when you sleep or are anesthesized.  "You" 
(whatever it is) are still "responding to the information you get: you wake up 
to the alarm clock, or from unconsciousness. There are different 'levels' to be 
included into that noumenon.
John M
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  On 3/20/07, John M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
    it seems you apply some hard 'Occami\sation' to consckiousness: as I see 
you consider it as 'being conscious - vs. unconscious'. The physiological 
(mediacal?) way. 
    In my experience from reading and intenrnet-discussing Ccness for over 15 
years - most researchers consider it more than that: the noun (Ccness) is only 
partially related to the adjective (conscious - maybe "of").. 
    This is why I included into my identification of it not only 
"acknowledgement" referring to the awareness-part, but also 'and response to' 
which implies activity in some process. 
    Considering our world as a process it has not too much merit to identify an 
importqan noumenon (still not agreed upon its content) as a snapshot-static 
image of a state. 
    Some equate Ccness with life itself (good idea, life is another 
    Your anesthesiologistic version has its audience, but so has the wider 
sense as well.
    John M

  I thought my sense was wider. You can be conscious even though you are not 
actually analysing sensory input, remembering things from your past, and so on. 
And I'm not sure that life can be equated with consciousness because you are 
still alive, and even your neurons are still for the most part going about 
their business, when you are asleep or anaesthetised. 

  Stathis Papaioannou

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