Le 26-mars-07, à 01:34, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :

> Standard computationalism is just the theory that your brain could be 
> replaced with an appropriately configured digital computer and you 
> would not only act the same, you would also feel the same. Bruno goes 
> on to show that this entails there is no separate physical reality by 
> means of the UDA, but we can still talk about computationalism - the 
> predominant theory in cognitive science - without discussing the UDA.

Yes. And I intervene only when I find a contradiction between what is 
said, with the consequence of the UDA.
I am also open to criticism of the UDA itself.

> And in any case, the ideas Brent and I have been discussing are still 
> relevant if computationalism is wrong and (again a separate matter) 
> there is only one universe.



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