John M, et al,

It is a fact of existential experiencing that 
minds are typically so innured to their millieu
and environmental encounters that 'alternative 
interpretations' are overlooked and missed to
appreciation and understanding.

---  When it became apparent to me that
QM -and- Relativity are undeniable behemoths
of existential relation, a la mode "Holmes",
the unavoidable conclusion arose that the
mis-analysis which keeps them 'separate' rests
not in their respective qualia and aspects, but 
in our comprehension of mathematics.

If the respective mathematics of statistics and determinism
are distinct and 'irreconsilable', then we need to do 
a re-evaluation of the 'mathematics in general' for amenability, 
rather than making an effort to force-fit equations that
resist algorythmic transformation into one another.

Jamie R

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