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Get more traffic by submitting Articles

Article submission is perhaps one of the best ways to give weight to your 
products and services on the Internet....that is, if done correctly, but like 
link exchange, it is also abused. But a fact is that Article Marketing is not 
about to die. It's alive and strong!

It has been noticed that a lot of authors are submitting articles for the wrong 
reasons. Authors are submitting "half baked" articles fueled by a "Page Rank" 
and "Back Link" craze, a very fruitless endeavor. Like in link exchange, the 
search engines have wisened up and are getting better at weeding out "spam." 
The same is the case with article submissions also.

It's essential and significant that you submit "quality" articles. A badly 
written article may generate you that back link that you so much desire, but 
the real purpose of submitting your article to an article marketing directory 
is to gain publishers who will willingly accept and publish your articles on 
their websites, blogs and newsletters; that's where the real traffic comes 
from. Publishers should "want" to publish your article...and they will not 
publish a poorly written and disguised article.

Submitting numerous short and messily written articles will do you no good. 
Also submitting the same article with a few modifications over and over is also 
not acceptable; duplicate content defeats the purpose of a directory. 

An author needs to sit back, think and choose a good topic and come up with a 
unique article that is an effective marketing tool, an article that captivates 
the reader and makes them want to publish it, blog it, bookmark it, print 
and/or forward it to their friends.

Anything less is really a waste of time! In order to gain any toehold in the 
marketing arena with your articles, an author must make a sincere attempt to 
write immaculate articles. 

You may need to remember the Quality rules to write a perfect article some of 
them is mentioned below!

As an author, your number one priority when writing an article is “uniqueness 
and quality." You must write powerfully and off course should always remember 
the purpose of writing the article. Your writing must be attractive and 
influential; otherwise it's not worth. Writing a few "very good articles" and 
submitting them to carefully selected high traffic article directories is more 
fruitful than software generating hundreds of articles revolving around one 
narrow topic. 

Write good articles and let it come to you naturally....the search engines will 
reward you as bloggers and webmasters will post your articles on their sites, 
something they will only do if your writing is inspiring and relevant.

Look at your article as "Your Product" or "Your Service." A service or product 
that is not choreographed appropriately will almost always be rejected and will 
never be marked as high so keeping this concept will give you guidance to write 
proper and appropriate articles that will generate traffic infact we should say 
useful traffic. 

In summary, Write on topics that mean something to you. Next your Plan should 
be clear originally structured and offshore interesting. The next important 
point is that your writing must be grammatically and syntactically correct. 
Ideally your article(s) should be between 700 to 1200 words long so that it 
normally fits the article submission sites rules.

There are plenty of writing samples and guides all over the internet. Look for 
them and use them. Visit article directories and read the articles within. Just 
take the idea and then create your own. Nobody is asking you to re-invent the 
"writing wheel," but it's of utmost importance that you keep side by side with 
what the top authors are doing. 

Get feedback from your friends and colleagues. Two or more heads have always 
been better than one also asking them to recheck your article for spelling and 
grammar stuff.

Article marketing should be a win-win situation for directory owners and 
authors, therefore responsible directory owners should always guide their 
authors and help them improve their thinking for uniqueness, writing and 
submitting skills; such as digging up information for them and emailing it to 
them in the form of a weekly newsletter, a blog or a forum.

Additionally, directory owners should engage their authors in meaningful 
discussions on article writing and submitting and very important general 
marketing, as it is part and parcel of the cut throat Internet Marketing Game, 
a science that must be taken seriously.

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