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There Is One unseen Technique That Can Make You A respectable Living on the 
Internet…..As you've often heard,

Its content-- useful information that will make visitors comes to you again and 
again. The Internet is driven by information, and the fact is, people are more 
concerned with information than they are with how fancy and beautiful your site 
looks. That's what makes article submission the No.1 choice to drive targeted 
traffic to your website.

Once you understand the idea, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can create 
clients on the internet. 

Your information --- in the form of useful articles for readers-- will 
"pre-sell" your products and services to readers, earn you credibility in your 
forecast eyes, and give them a reason to go to your site - to read more about 
you and your product. 

What does pre-sell mean? It simply means warming up the users by giving them 
something for free and to show that they are willing to make a contribution to 
their lives. In other words, we become a "value add" to their lives that is an 
important part. This, in turn, we earn their trust. 

So when it comes time for you to finally throw an offer to them, these same 
people feel that they know you because they trust you, and they buy! Over, and 
over again – that’s the KEY to make long-term relationships and profits online!

To put under articles ezines and bulletins of the news is a great way to 
generate a steady and continuous flow of the traffic pointed free for your Web 

however, most of the inexpert salesmen who use this opposite method, they 
ignore the other valuable advantages of the submission of the article that are 
as it follows: 

Building up the relation - periodically to put under articles ezines and 
bulletins of the news allows that you build relations with ezine / the owners 
of the bulletin of the news and their subscribers. 

Credibility - if you can write the articles that provide significance and 
benefit for the subscribers from the owner of ezine the bulletin of the news, 
you can begin to establish confidence with the owner and his subscribers. 

Long term exhibition - most of the decent owners of ezine, file the back 
applications of their ezines. And if you write word-rich articles pointed good 
well, your content can be filed in the owners list behind publishes for the 
continuous exhibition. 

Coming up - if you can write articles based on the criteria as per defined by 
the author, articles can be used to successfully educate the members or come up 
to your hearings of target in the advantages of your supply before its arrival 
in your Web site. 

Some advantages of writing articles are: 

1. You will be able to describe your Web site, business and you yourself 
putting under articles e-zines. You could include your name, business details, 
credentials, the direction of the site and the direction of the email in your 
resource box. 

2. Your article might also be placed on the publisher's home page. If the 
article is published on their home page this will give you some extra exposure.

3. You might get extra revelation if the e-zine publisher archives their e-zine 
on their website. People usually read the back issues before they make the 
decision to subscribe.

4. You will obtain free publicity. This will allow that you pass your benefits 
in other forms of publicity. 

5. You could get your article guaranteed to run in an e- zine by agreeing to 
run one of their articles in your e-zine if, in exchange, they run yours in 
their e-zine. It is known as a win/win situation.

6. You could allow that the publishers of e-zine publish your articles in their 
free and e-books. Since people give them far, your publicity could multiply the 
Internet all over. 

7. People will begin to trust you. They make a purchase of your products if 
they enjoy reading your article. 

8. You will gain the confidence of people. If they read your article and like 
them, they will not be like hesitant buying your product or service. Then you 
will be able to increase your benefits and can earn more and more profits. 

Anil Vij specializes in Internet traffic generation through Articles and Links 
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