Dear John,

Le 30-avr.-07, à 20:57, John Mikes a écrit :

> mind is (mentality of) the unlimited TOE and its vision(s), while body 
> (the somehow limited contraption including the tool for our thinking - 
> call it brain tissue, physical, digital comp, or - horribile dictu: 
> arithmetical - anyway within our limited mentality) is an aspect 
> (partial) of it.

I asked you this before:  what do you mean by *our* in *our* limited 

Do you mean the Hungarians?
The Americans?
The Humans?
The Apes?
The Animals?
The inhabitants of Earth?
The inhabitants of the Solar System?
The inhabitants of the Milky Way galaxy?   (they are so much Milky Way 
Minded, you know!)
The sound lobian machines?
The omega-consistent lobian machines?
The consistent lobian machines?
The lobian machines?
The lobian entities?
... ?

> Problem: to reach the total from the limitational part - without the 
> possession (understanding) of the missing rest of it.

This is exactly, if I get your point, what I think can be done about 
the lobian entities, which, thanks to the mathematically describable 
gap between what the machine can know and what the machine can hope for 
(of fear for, bet, etc.) it is possible to get some large and testable 
overview of the comp consequences for any TOEs based on the comp hyp. 
Including "physical consequences".

Hope this can motivate you for the "interview" of the L machine (or L 
entity), but be patient, thanks;



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