It seems to me that 'coarse graining' could provide a means for time
> to 'stratify' into different levels.  Now let me elaborate a little.
> Coarse graining is the 'level of detail' at which we observe reality.
> If we observe reality 'with a magnifying glass' as it were, we see
> lots of details.  As we 'zoom out' and observe more higher level
> general features of reality, detailed information is lost.  The
> question is: Is it really true that the higher level descriptions of
> reality are completely *reducible* to the lower level descriptions of
> reality?  (See for instance 'Non-reductive physicalism').  The idea
> here is that 'the higher level' dsecriptions come about because of
> coarse graining and that there are features of these higher level
> descriptions that are not completely reducible to the lower level
> descriptions.

I've looked up "non-reductive physicalism" and it still seems to me an
oxymoron. Could a person's mental state be different even though his
physical state is unchanged? If so, then this implies that there is at least
in part some non-physical process giving rise to consciousness. It may be
the case, but it isn't physicalism.

Stathis Papaioannou

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