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> Been thinking about Bruno's often talked 1st person/3rd Person
> division.  Had a series of insights that seem to connect up to some
> ideas of my own.
> Essentially my idea resolves around 'coarse graining' and the
> possibility that there is more than one valid way to define
> causality.  On this and other lists I've often talked about the idea
> that there is more than one sort of time and discussed ideas relating
> to 3 dimensional time.  But it was just vague speculation.  Now my
> early intuitions have crystallized somewhat.


> Now In UML (Unified Modelling Language), there seems to be an implicit
> 'stratification' into three different levels of description.

I agree that "coarse graining" is of supreme importance to cognition,
and this was bourne out in a conversation I had with a cognitive
science researcher from the Centre for the Mind the other day.

However, I'm not entirely sure we're on the same page. For me, "coarse
graining" is basically the L1/L2 mechanism used for emergence, and in
the definition of complexity (see my paper "On complexity and
emergence", or the relevant sections in my book). However, only two
levels of description are needed - others may be present, but are not
used, so I'm somewhat bemused at you saying there are three levels.

UML, as I understand it, is a means of represent heirachies, object
heirarchies specifically. Whilst possible that heirarchies are
essential to cognition, nothing I can see at present mandates it.


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