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> But what is mathematics?  It's three things I think: Categories,
> Relations and Propositions.  Of these, Relations and Propositions
> refer to discrete (finite) knowledge.  But Categories includes the
> other two, since categories can also deal with the infinite.  So it
> would appear that the ultimate root of it all is *Categories*
> (Category Theory).  Number Theory/Sets are general kinds of category.
> Machines/Computer Science deal with finite categories.- Hide quoted text -

Slight corrections.  Categories, Relations, Propositions can of course
all deal with the infinite.  But it's Categories that are fundamental
(the most
general mathematical concepts).

The TOE (theory of everything) is *itself* a class (in OOP) as I
But it should be classified as a 'Category'.

Now based on my arguments that in the case of mathematical categories
the map is
the terriority, you see the miracle?    Remember: The TOE is *itself*
a category.

The *theory* of all reality IS reality :D   Peculiar indeed.

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