Le 12-juin-07, à 21:33, Tom Caylor a écrit :

> Is not "Dt?" equal to "the search for truth"?

"Dt?" could *hopefully* be *part*  of "the search for truth". Unsound 
machines can be consistent yet false (in the usual arithmetical sense).

> But the weakness of
> simple consistency is the unanswered question, "What is truth?"


> Truth
> is not found simply through consistency when we reject the truth that
> is all around.

You are right.

>>> Comp seems like a lot of work.
>> Yes indeed. Two times more work than materialist are used to think. We
>> have to isolate a "theory of mind" AND then, it remains to test the
>> physical laws forced by that theory of mind, as the UDA and the
>> arithmetical UDA justifies (or should justify).
>> But the scientific attitude always asks for "lot of works",as I just
>> said above.
> Perhaps you should use a different word than "scientific" for your
> *good* "attitude" of open-mindedness, modesty and humility, searching
> for truth, since the word "scientific" tends to be still connected
> with the pre-Godelian reductionism.

Or post-platonian reductionism. I think I use the term "scientist" in 
the usual sense already well described by Plato and later by Descartes 
(and many other in the east).
That science leads to pseudo-science is in the nature of science. (like 
standing up leds to fall). I think we should'nt change the terms when 
other misuse them. Science = doubt, and faith. pseudo-science = 
authoritative argument (of any kind).

> I would not put up a dichotomy
> between this attitude and a belief in God.

Ok with a belief in God?

> But perhaps your use of
> the word "scientific" is based on your conviction to use the word as
> you think it "should" (assuming comp? ;) be used, rather like your use
> of the word "theology".
> Actually I'm starting to think that you
> really aren't that far off in your use of the word "theology" for the
> search for truth.

We can come back on this, but my Saturday students arrive,  ... see you 
asap, ....



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