Hi everybody,

While I was reading the previous discussion; "justifying theory of
everything" , I thought of my recent problem with still imperfection of our
TOE. The problem is:
Multiverse by itself is a choice, and every choice by it's nature has some
bias and information.
I could just consider two mathematical universes without any bias; the first
is nothing or mathematical point. The second one is a whole, I mean a full
space in infinite dimensions(just extending the perfect circle of Plato to
remove it's bias in radius and dimension)
Any other universe should contain a choice, including the collection of all
possible universes! Why?
Consider ME! Why 'I' am in this special world and not the other one? You
might claim that I'm in the other ones as well. But I would still insist;
'Why 'I' am in this special universe and not the other?'. I hope you get my
I wanted to conclude from this, even if there is a multiverse there's an
information content for whole universe, and that might need another cause.

Mohsen Ravanbakhsh,

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