xxxxx list for life coding of events (ideas and announcements) and
discussion of life coding practice.


Life coding is a mapping of the descriptive means of hardware and
programming onto the world, a concern with an interiority of the
project of rationalism (the CPU) which can be expanded with reference
to data sheets, instruction sets (for example) and an operating system
in its widest (divine) sense.

Life coding is a concrete practice (code brut) with evident links to
the science of endophysics (exteriority and ethics), Gnostic fiction
(paranoia in language as fiction), electromystical activity, EM
(electromagnetic) for city flaneur, and crash of entropic world-view

xxxxx list activity is not limited to these activities and ideas -
rather exploring a wider territory for this new constructivism.

With many thanks to BEK, Bergen, Norway for support.

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