I assume you mean you are interested in doing a translation. I'm happy
to assist, within limitations of doing my normal work. It would give
me the motivation to read the "Brussels thesis". Incidently, one of my
jobs is translating "fractured English" into proper idiomatic English,
for which I get paid AUD 31.50 per 1000 words (about EUR 20 at today's
rates). I'm not asking to be paid, but obviously something that I do
as a labour of love will take longer than a paying proposition. What
it does illustrate is that I would first use Google translation to get
the fractured English, then work on converting the to something more

Once translated, we can use the company Lulu.com to publish it as a
printed copy available through Amazon.com and other online
booksellers. Lulu don't charge any upfront fees, and still come out
with a list price similar to my book, although yours would command a
higher price as it has more pages.


On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 04:15:54PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Actually, after the computability meeting in Siena, I have change my 
> mind about Russell Standish idea that "Conscience et Mecanisme" should 
> be translated in English. It is not at all outdated indeed, and 
> contains more than 400 pages just on the Church thesis impact. Comp is 
> mainly Church thesis (more so when you get the idea that the lobian 
> interview eliminates almost completely the need for the thought 
> experiences and thus the need of the "yes doctor" hypothesis. I have to 
> write more paper on Church thesis, or at least consecrate more lines of 
> explanations on that. (Despite people like Emil Post or Judson Webb 
> seems to me to have already well understood this quite well, ref in my 
> thesis).

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