Le 26-juil.-07, à 00:16, Tom Caylor a écrit :

> Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> Le 08-juin-07, à 20:17, Tom Caylor a écrit :
>>> I should respond to your response.  I'm in a busy pensive state
>>> lately, reading Theaetetus (as you suggested on the Incompleteness
>>> thread) along with Protagoras and some Aristotle (along with the 
>>> dozen
>>> other books I'm always reading...) in the little time I have.
>> Take your time .... I will be extremely busy the next two weeks (exams
>> and then Siena Cie 2007).
> I know you are busy until August, so no pressure, for sure.


> In your Siena paper on an arithmetical interpretation of Plotinus, in
> the last sentence you say:
> "An absence of justification of some universal quantum machine, from
> the lobian self-observing machine, or a mathematical proof that there
> are none, or any empirical difference between this arithmetical
> physics and the empirical physics, would refute, not Plotinus, but the
> present arithmetical interpretation."
> What do you mean by "or a mathematical proof that there are none"?

A proof that the comp-physics does not allow quantum computation. For 
example the "intelligible matter" or the "sensible matter" could have 
given formally modal systems collapsing into classical logic, in which 
it is known (as Stephen has said many times) we can not embed quantum 
logic. Imagine just that the material modalities give Newtonian 
Mechanics. It can be proved that newtonian (relativistic or not) 
mechanics cannot justify real (relative) time quantum computations.

> By the way, I've finished reading Plato's Theaetetus, Protogoras,
> Parmenides, and Sophist and I am working on Aristotle's Metaphysics.
> So then perhaps I will be ready for Plotinus! (?)

Don't forget the intriguing Timaeus!  ;)
(I think Plotinus will help you for those older text; but don't take 
his *illustration* too seriously ... , just look at the validity of his 
reasoning). You can also read the little book on Plotinus by O'Meara 
(very good); ref in my theses.




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