Hi Marc,

I knew this puzzle quite well; i tried to order it but i have some
obtaining it (i'm italian and as you can read http://uk.eternityii.com/
Italy isn't included in the country where such puzzle is sold and
where the
solution can come from (!) ).

Anyway i started to work on it: i'm studing the problem creating my
software working on some "possible" puzzle; however as you can
the right approach depends on the particular distribution of symbols
number of different "triangles" used in the pieces and their
chosen by the author of the real game.

So...meanwhile i tried to obatin my own copy, i would like to see how
is the
real puzzle...hence...i would ask you if you could be so kind to take
send me a picture of the gameboard filled with all the pieces (but
dont' put them in the winning order: i want to solve it by my
self ;) )

Of course if i can do/give u something in change (software, ebooks,
donation..), i'll be really happy to do it.

Thanks in advance,


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