On Aug 9, 11:58 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> On Aug 9, 11:47 pm, Scipione <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi Marc,
> > I knew this puzzle quite well; i tried to order it but i have some
> > trouble
> > obtaining it (i'm italian and as you can readhttp://uk.eternityii.com/
> > Italy isn't included in the country where such puzzle is sold and
> > where the
> > solution can come from (!) ).
> > So...meanwhile i tried to obatin my own copy, i would like to see how
> > is the
> > real puzzle...hence...i would ask you if you could be so kind to take
> > and
> > send me a picture of the gameboard filled with all the pieces (but
> > please
> > dont' put them in the winning order: i want to solve it by my
> > self ;) )
> > Raffaele..
> Sorry I can't publically share information about the puzzle pieces.
> This message comes with the game:
> "Christopher Monckton holds the copyright in all the ETERNITY and
>  ETERNITY II puzzles. The details of the pieces of the clue puzzles as
> well as
>  of the prize puzzle are protected by copyright, and any circulation
> of
>  them, in any form or medium, will result in action for breach of
>  copyright.
> To protect other solvers, the judges will disqualify any entry whose
>  existence becomes publicly known before the date of the annual
> scrutiny
>  following its submission, and any entrant who has publicly disclosed
> any
>  details of any of the Eternity II pieces in any form or medium."
> But there seem to be many places where it's available.  Hope you find
> a copy from somewhere.
> > Anyway i started to work on it: i'm studing the problem creating my
> > own
> > software working on some "possible" puzzle; however as you can
> > understand,
> > the right approach depends on the particular distribution of symbols
> > (the
> > number of different "triangles" used in the pieces and their
> > combinations)
> > chosen by the author of the real game.
> I too am creating software to try to solve the puzzle.  I have a class
> diagram - software enginnered using my MCRT ontology of course ;) and
> am now implementing the design.  There is a group on Yahoo you may be
> interested in where many people are talking about using AI / Genetic
> Algorithms etc to try to crack the puzzle.  Link to the group below.
> Good luck:
> http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/eternity_two/

I think I will spend my limited time and energy on the decaying earth
doing other things.  Without even knowing much about the puzzle other
than reading the puzzle description, my guess is that without some
historic breakthrough on some unsolved problem in algebra, no matter
what algorithmic method (except for possibly quantum computation) is
used, the complexity requires more time and interest than is contained
in the remaining history of mankind.


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