When I worked on my theory of the Everything ensemble, I have always
been convinced that it would require serious efforts to explain the
ideas to others. Today, I know that I was wrong: it requires only a
small sequence of numbers... Page numbers that can easily be looked up
in Russell's book "Theory of Nothing" where Russell explains every
concept in detail (and even much more!).

However, a few ideas remained that I did not find anywhere else. One
of them was my "no-justification" of the Everything ensemble. Another
idea, which I find interesting despite of its highly speculative
nature, is the "fractal speculation".

I have put the idea online as a PDF file. It starts with:

"The fractal speculation is a speculative idea how some qualitative
properties of the universe we observe follow from the simple
metaphysical principle of the Everything ensemble applying the
anthropic principle."

The link:


As always, I am very interested in your opinions.


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