On 20 Sep., 04:04, Russell Standish wrote:

> The way I use the term, the ASSA just refers to use a global measure
> for answering the question "What is my next OM experienced". For other
> questions using a global measure over OMs, the original term SSSA
> (strong SSA) should be used. I'm aware of a few situations (mostly
> hypotheticals) where the SSSA is valid. The SSA refers to a global
> measure on birth moments, and the RSSA is typically based on the SSA.

If the supporters of the ASSA use the term in the sense you describe,
then I really don't understand them. If I ask what "my" next
experience will be, I can only consider observer moments identifying
themselves as myself, "Youness Ayaita". Otherwise they should
postulate that "I" is not linked to the process of self-
identification, but that it is an absolute entity jumping from one
observer moment to another.

> The everything list wiki has some notes on the RSSA/ASSA distinction -
> I'm wondering if these shouldn't be inserted directly into Wikipedia,
> as the everything wiki has been near death since its inception.

Due to a momentary problem of my internet connection, I have no access
to the everything wiki. So, I don't know how it looks. But in general,
I strongly support the idea of establishing a wiki for us, and I would
participate, too. One reason, of course, is to have a reference for
the various definitions used in our discussions. I also see further
reasons: For example, there are so many books and articles concerned
with the anthropic principle and other ideas somehow linked to the
Everything ensemble. It would be great to have a short summary and
review of every interesting book/article one of us has read. This
would simplify the process of finding adequate literature. We could
also list famous philosophers and physicists (David Lewis, Max
Tegmark, Hugh Everett, ...) of interest and copy the basic information
out of Wikipedia (or at least give a link to Wikipedia). I'd also
welcome the idea of summarizing the various theories individually
defended by participants of this list in the wiki. The interdependency
of the theories would be clear, and links to other articles to the
wiki could be used. I don't like the current situation in which
everyone is only concerned with his own website publishing articles
there. A central website would be much more comfortable; of course,
links to the specific homepages where the theories are described in
detail, could be added without any problem.


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