Has anyone had a look at Mallah's paper at arXiv:0709.0544 yet? I've
been reading it this afternoon, and whilst the programme seems
interesting - to derive Born's rule from anthropic reasoning on
conscious computations, the paper itself seems to be a brain-dump. It
is big (55 pages), and doesn't seem well organised. I'm having a lot
of trouble finding my way around it, and distilling the essential ideas.

I'm curious that he makes no mention at all of my "Why Occam's Razor"
paper, as it does derive Born's rule from the SSA. Jacques Mallah
knows about the paper, as he found a minor technical error in the
first draft of it. In my case, the measure is carried explictly by the
amplitude of the (unnormalised) state vector, and is complex-valued, whereas
in Mallah's paper the measure is some kind of "L" factor that is
associated with the state vector, and is positive-valued only.

What do others think? I'm disappointed with the paper, frankly, but I
do wonder if there is some kernel in there struggling to get out.



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