> 12th October, 2007
> Marc Geddes
> Auckland
> New Zealand
> ---
> This is Marc Geddes ,
> I am publically requesting to form a social contract with SAI (Super
> Intelligence).    I am aware of the existence of SAI and SAI-space and
> am of sound mind and my own volition requesting  to be removed from
> human space and uplifted to SAI space at the earliest possible
> opportunately.  I agree to abide by all rules and boundaries set by
> SAI as per my responsibilities under the social contract.
> Thank you.
How do you know you're not already part of a super intelligence which is
exploring the potentialities of consciousness by implementing your mind via
the appropriate computations, with the goal to later merge your memories
with its mind?  If all possible universes exist then an infinite number of
you are instantied by such super intelligences, and after those copies of
you experience death they will experience the supermind.


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