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> Heh.  Bruno, I continue to analyse my current (human) condition to try
> to find a way out of this mess (I'm not a happy bloke).  Still
> considering many possibilities.  Given the possibility that super-
> intelligences do already (or will in the future) exist,  there's a
> chance that a non-interference policy is being/will be pursued, but
> that there's a way to get their attention - it could be a simple
> matter of indicating that you are aware of the possibility and
> requesting to 'sign' a 'social contract'.  Get in early now! ;)

Although if they're so far beyond us that we can't detect them I think
we have to assume that their motives and psychology are completely
unknown: there is no reason to favour the theory that they would
reveal themselves to someone acknowledging their existence rather than
that they would ignore him or wipe him out prematurely. The same
criticism applies to Robin Hanson's paper on how we should behave if
we're in a simulation:

Stathis Papaioannou

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