I appreciate the logic you employed in answering this question.  Q asking
"Why was I born here?" is more or less equivalent to asking "Why am I Q?".
In this case however Q is ignoring the fact that it is Q's brain pondering
the question and therefore Q's brain that will also be experiencing life
from Q's perspective.

Rolf my come back and say that the crux of his question is "Why am I
experiencing this perspective and not a more probable one somewhere else?"
but that too ignores the circular nature of the question.  A friend of mine
often phrases the question in that way and my answer to him has been that
the fact that all observer moments are experienced explains why he is
experiencing his perspective, and that "you" (taking the word in a loose
way) could be said to experience all observer moments.  He believes that
answer is too circular and refuses to accept it answers anything at all.  In
my opinion its a circular question which can only be dealt with using a
circular answer.


On Nov 17, 2007 2:15 PM, Gene Ledbetter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> *In another thread Rolf mentioned a variant of the Doomsday Argument where
> the universe is infinite:*
> * *
> *<< ...This variant DA asks, "if there's currently a Galactic Empire 10000
> Hubble Volumes away with an immensely large number of people, why wasn't I
> born there instead of here?" >>*
> * *
> *The implication of the question seems to be that the questioner (Q) could
> have been born in either of the two populations at random, and, assuming the
> number of people in the Galactic Empire is sufficiently immense, the
> probability that he could have been born on Earth is close to nil.*
> * *
> *But Q could not have been born in either of the two populations; he could
> only have been born on Earth, and his failure to realize this suggests that
> he has ignored his own material and biological nature.*
> * *
> *Q is a material object and a living organism. He is composed of atoms
> from Earth's interior that could in no way be part of a remote Galactic
> Empire. Q's birth occurred because humans reproduce sexually, and his birth
> occurred on Earth because his parents lived on Earth. Q could not have been
> born in the Galactic Empire because he could not have been born anywhere but
> on Earth.  *
> * *
> *If Q could only have been born on Earth, then the probability that he
> would have been born on Earth is 100%. The answer to Q's question, "...why
> wasn't I born there instead of here?", is that the probability of his having
> been born there is 0%.*
> * *
> *Gene Ledbetter*
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