It's not so novel as Stafford supposes.  Lewis Carrol Epstein has 
written a very nice little book "Relativity Visualized" which uses the 
same viewpoint.  It is just observing that the proper velocity of an 
object is always 1.  Epstein however keeps this in perspective, it's 
just a transformation of coordinates - not a guide to new physics.

Brent Meeker
"The reason you can't go faster than the speed of light is that you 
can't go slower."
        --- Lewis Carroll Epstein

Jason wrote:
> I came across a very interesting and novel "interpretation" of
> relativity in which the author claims to resolve the mathematical
> incompatibilities with merging QM and relativity.  The essence of his
> idea is that there is an unseen dimension tau (proper time) through
> which particles at rest travel through at the speed of light.  The
> magnitude of velocity for all particles in the universe is always c.
> Mass is the effect of momentum through this unnoticed dimension, hence
> why particles that travel at c in the x,y,z dimensions are massless ;
> their velocity through tau is 0.  This interpretation results in a
> euclidean and likely quantized geometry.  I am interested in what
> others on this list think about it.  It seems to make computational
> theories of this universe much more appealing and simplified.
> The article is located at:
> > 

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