Hi Dan,

Those are nice questions I would be interested in some answer too. May 
be I could try to recover from some hard disk the mailing address of 
James' mother, I will try. James introduced the idea of immortality in 
the list, and this has been what decided me to susbscribe. I met James 
in Brussels one month before his accident. James was a very nice guy 
dedicated to deep fundamental questions, and he was open to both 
science and eastern religion. he was also very interested in Leibniz. 
The list certainly miss him. If you get info, please tell us. Perhaps 
Wei Dai knows better. I'm afraid his book was far from completed. 
Perhaps you could find who manages his post-mortem web pages?

Welcome to the list Dan,


Le 19-déc.-07, à 22:16, freqflyer07281972 a écrit :

> Hi everyone,
> This is my first post to this group.  I find so many of the posts so
> fascinating, but I am still immersing myself in the discussion, so
> forgive the somewhat trivial direction of the present post.
> I found a website memorializing James Higgo's thoughts on quantum
> physics, quantum immortality,  etc.  From what I understand, he was a
> prolific contributor to this group right up until is tragic and
> untimely death (in this universe, at least) in 2001.  The page
> http://www.higgo.com/ quantum/fourreasons.htm offers an intriguing
> 'synopsis' of a book called "Four Reasons Why You Don't Exist,"
> including word counts for each chapter.
> My question is: What is the status of this book? How much of it did
> Higgo complete? Has it been published? A few searches in some obvious
> and unobvious places did not uncover to me the existence of this
> book.  Was it a work in progress, and who was handling the details?
> Any information that anyone might have about this would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Cheers
> Dan
> >

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