> Because zero even repeated an infinity of time is zero and is a natural 
> number. (1,1,1,...) can't be a natural number because it is not finite and a 
> natural number is finite. If it was a natural number, then N would not have a 
> total ordering.

Ok agreed: I was caught up in viewing it simply as an "indexing" scheme, 
but viewed constructively I of course agree. My error.

>> I am becoming more and more an ultra-finitist. Arguments with infinity
>> seem to be very based on the assumptions you make (about platonia or
>> whatever)
> Finite and infinite concepts are dual concepts you can't leave one without 
> leaving the other.

Could you elaborate some more on this?


Günther Greindl
Department of Philosophy of Science
University of Vienna

Blog: http://dao.complexitystudies.org/
Site: http://www.complexitystudies.org

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