Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> logic B (KTB) can be used to capture a notion of vagueness, and, by a

> theorem of Goldblatt, it can be used to formalise classicaly a
> form of von Neuman quantum logic in a manner similar to the way the 
> modal logic S4, or S4Grz, capture intuitionistic logic.

The Gödel-McKinsey-Tarski translation from intuitionistic logic to S4
can be defined in different ways. The most concise one is by saying
that one has to insert a [] before every subformula.  Can we
reformulate the translation by Goldblatt in a similar way, e.g., by
saying that one has to insert []<> before every subformula ?

> > Suppose the atomic propositions are what I currently know on a
> > physical system.
> This does not make sense.

Really? it made some sense to me...

> Again. Just remember that I am not supposing any physics at all, nor 
> any "physical world".

My initial question was not referring to your work in particular.
However I would be glad to hear more from your point of view.

>  Did you grasp the UDA's point?

No, but I am interested in and will try to catch up.

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