Le 06-mars-08, à 21:55, Russell Standish a écrit :

> On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 08:20:52AM -0800, Brian Tenneson wrote:
>> I would appreciate that the trolling of my thread stop.  Please take
>> your interesting but not obliviously (to me) related discussion to a
>> different thread.  Thanks.
> Trolling! Bruno is not trolling.

Thanks to you Russell, and thanks to Günther, Kim, Quentin for noticing 
that I was not trolling. I was just replying.

> Whilst we all have some difficulties
> fully comprehending his results,

I have to come back on this some day, because I try to classify the 
difficulties. For example, there are people who does not understand the 
notion of 1-person indeterminacy, pretending for example, that they are 
in both Washington and Moscow after the usual self-duplication, like 
Chalmers.  Actually they have a problem with the notion of first 
person/third person. They have problem with Everett too, and with the 
whole of "philosophy of mind" issues. They have problem with the type 
of discussion we have in this list, for sure.

But then there are those who do not understand the mathematical logic, 
or point in theoretical computer science, but this means they have to 
work ...

Well I say this because you say "we all". Surely every one can find 
some more difficult point ...

Also, Russell, I feel a bit guilty because years ago you find a sort of 
real problem in the "movie graph argument" which is so interestingly 
relevant that I have never been able to finish my reply... 
Unfortunately it is currently a bit out-of-topic. I will come back on 
this when I will put my mind again in the movie-graph-Olympia issue. 
This is really (imo) conceptually difficult ... I am not yet entirely 
satisfied by my own argumentation ...

> what he has to say is very
> interesting, and highly pertinent to the relationship between physics
> and mathematics.

Thanks for saying. And sorry for Brian. I think all threads are 
related, but people replies from their own theory/prejudice. If someone 
is not sastified with an answer, he has to just say "you did not answer 
my question, let me perhaps rephrase it more succinctly ...", or 
something like that, (or ask somewhere else, of course).

(Also the web group archive is not always simple to follow, sometimes 
you have to remember your password in the middle of a post reading, you 
stop daring to click or just touch your mouse ... I prefer the Nabble 
archive where posts are more easily individuated).

Now, I do sincerely think my reply (to dzone actually) *has* a bearing 
with Brian's post or Tegmark's work.



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