>We get Tegmark on this list occasionally. He, like you, needs to
>acquaint himself more with the core concepts of THIS discussion.
>In his last post to us he admitted as much.

By THIS discussion, did you mean the aspects of the connections to
Fuzzy Logic and the MUH that I am discussing in THIS thread?

Can we +please+ either talk about the first post on THIS thread or
anything at least somewhat related or post in a different thread?

I did not come here to argue about who is diverting the topic away.

Please don't reply in THIS thread if you aren't going to discuss THIS
topic (connections between Fuzzy Logic and the MUH).  Thanks.

I did not post my ideas in a random person's thread.  If I did, I
would be called a troll, perhaps, or at least, unnecessarily diverting
the thread.

It is insulting to me to be said I'm looking for attention.  Why use
THIS thread's bandwidth to analyze my psychological makeup?

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