Hi Malcolm, I still haven't had a chance to look at your comments here
- hopefully I'll get a chance over Easter.

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> In your 'Why Occam's Razor' paper, sect 2, following a discussion of the
> Schmidhuber ensemble and the Universal Prior, it is stated "If we assume the
> self-sampling asssumption [...t]his implies we should find ourselves in one
> of the simplest (in terms of C-0[Complexity of description x]) possible
> universes capable of supporting self-aware substructures (SASes). This is
> the origin of physical law...". If one takes the description string x (up to
> some finite limit) as (minimally) representing a universe (and from which
> OM's are derived), then application of your equivalence class method should
> solve the WR problem directly (check out my roughly equivalent method at
> www.physica.freeserve.co.uk/pa01.htm) - this hopefully answers your point
> above about the origin of our being almost certainly in one of the simplest
> SAS-supporting universes: the premise can be all logically possible
> universes (or just 'entities'), some or all of which are representable by
> description strings (say). (From other comments I earlier assumed this is
> what you were actually doing - it seems our ideas in this area are
> significantly different after all.)


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