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> In the description of the quantum immortality gedanken experiment, a
> physicist rigs an automatic rifle to a geiger counter to fire into him
> upon the detection of an atomic decay event from a bit of radioactive
> material. If the many worlds hypothesis is true, the self-awareness of
> the physicist will continue to find himself alive after any length of
> time in front of his gun, since there exist parallel worlds where the
> decay does not occur.

This has never been rigorously proven. I can give you some argumetns 
why the MWI does not imply Quantum Immortality.

> On a microscopic scale this is analogous to the observing a reality in
> which the second law of thermodynamics does not hold. for example,
> since there is a non-zero probability that molecular interactions will
> result in a decrease in entropy in a particular sealed volume under
> observation, there exist histories in which this must be observed.
> This is never observed. Therefore the MWI is shown to be false.

This is also not a correct conclusion (if you replace MWI by quantum 

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