Le 17-avr.-08, à 19:45, Telmo Menezes a écrit :

> On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 2:37 PM, Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> wrote:
>>  Are you saying that the second law is verified in each of all
>>  "branches" of the (quantum) multiverse?
> I'm not saying that.

OK. Sorry.

>> I would say the second law is
>>  statistical, and is verified in most branches. In the MWI applied to
>>  quantum field it seems to me that there can be branches with an
>>  arbitrarily high number of photon creation without annihilation, and
>>  this for each period of time.
> Yes, I would tend to agree with that, although I can't say I'm 100%
> convinced. Anyway I'm a relative newcomer to this list so I don't feel
> I have an informed opinion yet. Need to catch up with all the
> arguments. Also have a thesis to finish, which tends to get in the way
> :)

I can understand. Academy is like Democracy, as described by Churchill. 
The worst except for the rest. I wish you good luck (or shit, as in the 
french tradition).

> I'm just arguing that the experiment with the rifle and the geiger
> counter does not imply any second law anomaly. Yes, you are "forcing"
> your consciousness to "move" to states where the atom never decays,
> but if you consider the larger system,

which one? the quantum one.

> entropy is increasing as normal
> because of the preparation and maintenance of the apparatus needed for
> the experiment.
> Do you think this makes sense?

I am not sure I understand. I do agree with Brent Meker's comment 
though. If you agree with him, take his answer as mine (hope Brent does 
not mind).




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