Le 17-avr.-08, à 18:21, Günther Greindl a écrit :

> David Deutsch argues in Fabric of Reality that only the Multiverse
> conserves quantity (not single branches). The rest is probabilistic
> stuff (see Bruno's post)

Yes. And I think Deutsch has the most correct "interpretation" of 
Everett's theory (and Wallace, by the way, in a paper in the british 
journal of philosophy that I have just discover recently has the most 
correct interpretation of Deutsch).

But they seems not be aware that by making their move, they have to 
take the 1-person indeterminacy a bit more seriously, something which 
Wallace *explicitly* does not. This motivates me a bit to submit a 
paper btw.

Because, such indeterminacy forces us to consider that the SWE has to 
be also probabilistic. A bit like if comp makes us live in a 
multi-multiverse. But this is an analogy which can be misleading in 
some way...



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