On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 06:04:25AM -0700, Youness Ayaita wrote:
> The equivalence principle states that we don't contradict ourselves by
> taking the two apparently different roads at the same time. But the
> reconciliation of QM and GR might be as difficult as explaining the
> concept of observer moments starting from a description of worlds and
> vice versa. Since the last step includes (explaining observer moments
> out of the ensemble of worlds) a "neurological theory", we can
> speculate whether the moment is near when our revolutionary view of
> the interdependence of physics and neurology/psychology is needed to
> find new physics.

Very interesting point Youness. I'm still compiling a response to your
critique of my appendix D - it may be ready by the end of next week. I have a
conference paper due in less than two days, which is absorbing most of
my time at present.


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