Günther Greindl wrote:

>Hi List,
>I found this:
>S. A. Terwijn, Computability and measure, PhD thesis, University of 
>Amsterdam, 1998.
>Downloadable here:
>(I am currently attending his course, he is a very good teacher :-)
>Maybe of interest to the OM-measure/White Rabbit question?
>It is quite technical and still over my head I must admit, but maybe
>Bruno or some others can glean some interesting stuff from this work?

 Thanks Günther. This asks for some amount of work, though. They are already 
good measure theoretical idea in the Rogers book, but hard to use directly. It 
should be more easy for the ASSA people, unless some simple but still lacking 
idea, made it directly usable for the relative approach. Well, all this at 
first sight, and the thesis makes a clear and worth to read sum up of recursion 
theory. In the long run such works could pave a way, or play a role perhaps. 
Measure on RE sets? Interesting, but conditions are added so that proofs are 
made possible. Wanting to use such result to quickly can lead to conceptual 
obscurity. My mind is more problem driven, trying to clear conceptual issues 
before jumping to technics. This could only reflect my incompetence 'course ...


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