Jason Resch set it up. I assume he's still lurking on the everything
list. Are you still there Jason?

On Sun, May 04, 2008 at 10:03:39PM +0200, Günther Greindl wrote:
> Russell,
> Good to know that it's still there :-))
> > And it hasn't so much died, but rather gone into suspended
> > animation. It can be found at http://everythingwiki.gcn.cx/wiki/
> Do you know who is responsible for it? Before we consider adding entries
> it would be good to confirm that it won't go offline at some point.
> Apart from that, probably not so much is needed - maybe only a few links 
> or key terms so that newcomers to the list can get up to speed quickly.
> Best,
> Günther

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