Tom Caylor wrote:
> I guess I could see that it could be consistent that from each of our
> perspectives eventually we are the only one left in the mulitverse, if
> we were all cut-off from each other, essentially in separate universes
> or histories.  But with all of the appealing aspects (that have been
> brought up in many contexts by many people in history) of an ontology
> based on relations rather than substance, I would think that a
> multiverse that ends in isolation would be a rather disappointing
> (seemingly contrary) conclusion of that ontology.  Plus, I certainly
> wouldn't want to "live" like that.  And I'd even argue that from a
> relational ontology perspective that would be equivalent to non-
> existence.  

I think you'd be right in that.  You can imagine surviving thru quantum 
luck with other persons, even a whole Earth full of people.  It's just 
that the more you imagine adding onto survival simplicipter the less 
probable that outcome.  I suspect there's a lower bound to such 
probabilities and your luck runs out at some point.  But of course in 
Bruno's ontology based on arithmetic infinities and infinitesimals are 
> How about an immortal life in relation to other persons?

We don't see any quasi-immortal people (e.g. >150yrs old) so it's very 

Brent Meeker

> Tom
> On Jun 6, 2:13 pm, Tom Caylor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Assuming comp, or quantum immortality, is it true that from my
>> perspective I will outlive everyone else, and from your perspective
>> you will outlive everyone else?  If so, how can this be?
>> One consistent configuration is that we are all immortal and that part
>> of this immortal being is something that is outside of what we can
>> observe scientifically, including other persons' deaths.
>> Tom
>> On Jun 6, 1:03 am, Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Assuming comp, the reason is that the probability measure on your comp  
>>> continuations has to be restricted on the comp histories where you  
>>> survive. Absolute death cannot be a first person experience. death of  
>>> a 3-person is relative and can be lived from a 1-person perspective.
>>> Now, what is 1-person immortality? Very difficult question. The  
>>> (lobian) machine can make sense, apparently, of a sentence like that:  
>>> yesterday I have been immortal, but today I am mortal. The difficulty  
>>> is more in the fusion/amnesia than in the fission ...
>>> Bruno
>>> PS Brent is right. Some annuity contract can be used for making money  
>>> via comp or quantum suicide, as far as the company handling that  
>>> annuity is robust enough. (Always making all the default assumptions:  
>>> obviously (?) science per se is totally agnostic about any first  
>>> person experience, knowledge ...)
>>> On 06 Jun 2008, at 01:44, Tom Caylor wrote:
>>>> Why is it that from my first person perspective other people die?
>>>> Perhaps a different question:
>>>> Why is it that from your first person perspective other people die?
>>>> Tom
>>>> On Jun 5, 8:27 am, Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Lawrence, welcome,
>>>>> You have to be more precise on the betting procedure. You will win  
>>>>> the
>>>>> bet against people who, from your personal point of view, will most
>>>>> probably be dead at the time. How do you intent to recover the money?
>>>>> Bruno
>>>>> On 05 Jun 2008, at 15:28, Lawrence wrote:
>>>>>> Forgive me if the following comment is ill-thought through as this  
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> my first post to the group.
>>>>>> It appears to me that, assuming QS is true, I should bet some
>>>>>> reasonably substantial amount of cash at the local bookies that I  
>>>>>> will
>>>>>> live to 110 or 120 years of age. Of course I will be around to  
>>>>>> collect
>>>>>> it given QS. This does assume the bookies is still around to pay for
>>>>>> it!
>>>>>> Any thoughts/flames appreciated.
>>>>>> Lawrence
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