2008/6/7 Brent Meeker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> You don't.  You just outlive everyone else in the (very, very tiny, and
> shrinking) hyperplane of Hilbert space where quantum randomness has
> contrived to save you from death (but not from disability  :-(   ).  On
> other very tiny, shrinking hyperplanes you and almost everyone else  you
> know has died except for one other "lucky" person.  In almost all of the
> Hilbert space everybody over the age of 120yrs has died.

You would expect to survive in the most likely way, even if all the
possible ways of survival add up to only a very low measure slice of
the multiverse. For example, if you find yourself living to a very
advanced age it will more likely be because of some non-bizarre reason
such as the discovery of a longevity treatment, with the corollary
that there will be others in the same position as you in the same

Stathis Papaioannou

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