On 06 Jun 2008, at 23:35, Tom Caylor wrote:

> I guess I could see that it could be consistent that from each of our
> perspectives eventually we are the only one left in the mulitverse, if
> we were all cut-off from each other, essentially in separate universes
> or histories.  But with all of the appealing aspects (that have been
> brought up in many contexts by many people in history) of an ontology
> based on relations rather than substance, I would think that a
> multiverse that ends in isolation would be a rather disappointing
> (seemingly contrary) conclusion of that ontology.  Plus, I certainly
> wouldn't want to "live" like that.  And I'd even argue that from a
> relational ontology perspective that would be equivalent to non-
> existence.  How about an immortal life in relation to other persons?

Immortality itself is different from the third and first person points  
of view;
I cannot tell. It could be that 1-immortality requires some fusion, or  
merging, of all persons. This makes you "out of time and out of space"  
at the "moment" before you made up singular personal history.
I have to introspect myself more deeply, or study S4Grz and its  
aritmetical semantics for a much longer  time  ...
You ask a difficult question. But I don't think we separate, such   
that each of us converge toward solipsistic very long histories, we  
forget and merge histories too.  (all this assuming comp ...)

> One consistent configuration is that we are all immortal and that part
> of this immortal being is something that is outside of what we can
> observe scientifically, including other persons' deaths.

I am with you. But we can address scientifically the question "does  
self-introspecting machine refer correctly to something they can  
recognize as being something they cannot observe in a third person  
communicable (scientific, objective) way and yet still *know* that  
they can make the experience of it (for example through prays,  
reflexion, meditation, 1-self-introspection, starvation, accidents,  
drugs, or some other (hopefully) genuine 3-self-manipulations, ...)?



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