I have almost finished a quick read of Vic Stenger' book "God, the  
failed hypothesis" with the subtitle "How Science shows that God does  
not exist".

I find the book interesting, and I even find the existence of such  
book, even more interesting from an historical point of view. It also  
gives me an opportunity to make my position clearer perhaps.

Note that I agree with (almost) all sentences written by Stenger. I  
even find his account of mind and his account of the "origin of the  
physical laws" clear and somehow locally plausible. Yet there is a  
deep global flaw, and I do think that everyone having, even a  
superficial understanding of the Universal Dovetailer Argument" (UDA)  
should be able to see where the flaw resides rather easily. I think of  
course that it consists in an omission flaw, given that I find Stenger  
plausibly correct everywhere in his book.

Should I write a reply book, I could entitled it:  "The Physical  
Universe, the Failed Hypothesis" with the subtitle "How Science shows  
the Physical Universe does not exist".

Of course Stenger's goal was not to present an argument in favor of  
the existence of the Physical Universe. His goal was to present  
evidence that IF such a universe exists THEN there is no evidence that  
it has been created by a GOD, and I believe Stenger is mainly right on  
this account.

Too bad I don't believe in "Stenger's God" (the physical universe). In  
that sense I am much more "atheist" than him.

Worst, I do believe that the UDA (even without its  arithmetization  
part) shows once and for all that you cannot remain consistent and  
believe both in the "digital mechanist" hypothesis in the cognitive  
science *and* in a primary physical universe ( (admitting also some  
weak typical use of Occam razor without which you can believe in ...  
everything :)

But his book is perhaps useful in this time where fundamentalist  
pseudo-religious thinking crop up in so many places. Yet it could  
unnecessarily shock what I would like to call "non superstitious"  
believer. Once you stop to believe in a physical universe you still  
continue to bet on *some sort of reality* all right ...



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