Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Hi jal278,
>     Similarly, assuming that QI is true, the survival probabilities at the
>     end cases (where you
>     are >150 yrs old) would get to be incredibly small, such that perhaps
>     healthy decisions
>     made when you are younger (i.e. never smoke, keep fit) would *greatly*
>     increase those probabilities
>     (maybe even to 10^7 or in the range needed to win the lottery).
>     So, if you have unhealthy habits that you have no intention of
>     stopping, but bought a lotto
>     ticket with the intention of never drinking/smoking again if you won
>     some improbable amount,
>     it seems that your observer moment might be more likely in the
>     universe where you win.
> Hmmm... I don't like any "precaution principle", and here you are 
> advocating a sort of quantum precaution principle. I am not convinced.

Interestingly, Everett smoked and otherwise led a very unhealthy lifestyle 
and died at 52 (in this world).

Brent Meeker

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