I see that you use the word "intention" several times.  It seems that
this is the word/notion on which your tries pivot, and I think this is
also the downfall.  I think that intention is a very good part of
reality, but it can find its meaning only when coupled with the
humility that we are not in total control, that there is more to
everything than scientific repeatability.  This realization actually
opens up a whole new world of relationships, a more scary world in
which we are at the mercy of other persons (and ultimately one good
Person), but a more realistic world.


On Jun 23, 10:08 am, jal278 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> First time post. Would it be possible to use the principles of QS as
> an oracle? E.g. buy a lotto ticket before taking a flight, with the
> intention
> that if you win some improbable amount in the lotto you do not take
> the flight.
> Perhaps this flight was extremely likely to crash and your odds of
> survival are slim.
> Would then your observer moment be more likely in the universe where
> you win
> some improbable amount (odds 1:10,000 maybe) in the lotto? This could
> apply
> to any potentially dangerous choice you might make.
> Similarly, assuming that QI is true, the survival probabilities at the
> end cases (where you
> are >150 yrs old) would get to be incredibly small, such that perhaps
> healthy decisions
> made when you are younger (i.e. never smoke, keep fit) would *greatly*
> increase those probabilities
>  (maybe even to 10^7 or in the range needed to win the lottery).
> So, if you have unhealthy habits that you have no intention of
> stopping, but bought a lotto
> ticket with the intention of never drinking/smoking again if you won
> some improbable amount,
> it seems that your observer moment might be more likely in the
> universe where you win.
> My understanding of QI and the way that observer moments are chosen
> may be mistaken,
> just an idea I wanted to throw out before I gave the latter a try
> (since there is really nothing to lose like
> in QS).
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