Hello all,

Lurker here.

I apologize if this is massively off-topic, but I couldn't think of too many
more intelligent or innovative people to tap on this than those of you on
the everything list.

I have a pair of friends, a married couple, who were destined for Cape Verde
with the Peace Corps. This has been the focus of their lives for many months
now, they're invested heart and soul. They were due to leave this weekend;
they've quit their jobs, they've sold everything. No cars, no apartment.

Unfortunately, the Peace Corps has had to bump them due to a medical issue.
One of the pair has to take a few medications. There was some concern about
this early on, but they got an exemption, as the Peace Corps was going to
make accommodations to make a specific medication available in Cape Verde.

Unfortunately, an hour ago, they were told this accommodation was not in
fact taken care of, and they cannot in fact go to Cape Verde with the Peace
Corps, as that certain medication is unavailable there.

I don't know if there's anything anyone can do to help here, but if anyone
has Peace Corps and/or international medical community connections or
experience, I would be indescribably grateful for input on this matter.

Thank you for your attention, time and inbox.

--Andy Badera
(518) 641-1280
Google me: http://www.google.com/search?q=andrew+badera

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