Tom Caylor wrote:
> Ronald,
> Of course the main constraints are your audience, Star Trek fans, who
> usually like talking about frontiers of physics and even mind/body
> problem issues etc., but also your own background (I don't know what
> it is) prompts the audience to adjust their level of attention based
> on whether they think you are talking about stuff that you might know
> something about.  Another idea is to key off of a source which the
> audience is familiar with.  For instance, Michio Kaku 

Larry Krauss

>wrote The
> Physics of Star Trek a while ago, and another book called Parallel
> Worlds, and recently came out with a book called The Physics of the
> Impossible which you could use as a launching platform and talk about
> how the multiverse realm might help to think about some of the
> impossibilities that Kaku writes about, such as teleportation.
> Tom
> On Jul 7, 2:14 pm, "Ronald Held" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I am giving a talk on the Multiverse to Star Trek fans in several
>> weeks. I would appreciate any advice and suggestions, since as of now,
>> I have an outline based on Tegmark's four levels.
> > 

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