as a Star Trek oldtimer I feel I have to comment *grin*:

ronaldheld wrote:
> Can I explain the Star Trek universe(s) as being a part of Level I or
> Level III?

Alternate Realities/Histories would be Level I
Universes with strange physics would be Level II

Level III, as Max Tegmark rightly says, adds nothing, and as the guys in 
ST don't make any QM experiments I would say III is the least "near" to 
Star Trek fans.

As to level IV: universes which are _completely_ different, I would say 
Q would be a being from Level IV (he hints in an episode that he does 
not experience time linearly, so this suggests he comes from a really 
weird place); also, he can enter our universe at will (at every time and 
place, again suggesting he comes from a mathematical uber-universe 
having access to "lower" universes).


Günther Greindl
Department of Philosophy of Science
University of Vienna


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