to keep with my promise NOT to re-re-reply in the religion-concerned thread,

here are some questionmarks I have:
1.  TRUTH???????
2.  18 inches move of a thought??????? (which is atemporal/aspatial - no
3.   Eternity: a concept outside 'time' as we use it, so it can be
a-temporal -
      meaning: 'POOOFFF! once 'it' occurs it is over????? (Not in 30,000kk+

BTW: I am not in agreement with the term *impossible*: it is a restriction
to our
(human) conditions of (humanly conceivable) possibilities.
*Existence* similarly: whatever (may) exist in the 'mind' (whatever
THAT may be) is "existing" (and possible in a wider sense).
It is in quite another domain whether to include all such things into our
which applies (human and common sense) logic.
Make no premature conclusions: I do not restrict 'Nature' (whatever) to our
I just keep tabs on our own mental efforts - to stay within our

John M

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