2008/8/13 Brent Meeker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I've been following this back-and-forth with interest.  The above leads to an
> interesting question which I will raise after a couple of background points.
> First, I don't think a conscious AI can exist independent of some environment 
> of
> which it is conscious.  Of course this doesn't mean you can't create an AI
> which, like us, is conscious of this particular world.


> Second, I think a
> conscious AI must necessarily remember and learn.  A consequence of these two 
> is
> that if you copy an AI the two copies will immediately start to diverge due to
> different experiences.

If we can build an AI we control it and we can give to it input in
whatever way we like, even slowing it down, stopping it, dumping
memory, restore a copy, record input from the world to the AI,
(including clock time, etc) restore another copy and restart it 1 hour
later than the first restore and feed the recorded input data. The two
should do the same, it's a computation, it's deterministic. If they
diverge having the same input (and being the same program)  then there
is magic somewhere.

> So the indeterminancy will immediately vanish.

They can be the same as long as you which.

> There
> will be two different consciousnesses; which is perfectly ordinary except that
> they will share a lot of memories.  So what does this have to do with MMW?

What is the status of "mind" ?

> Brent Meeker

Quentin Anciaux
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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