1Z wrote:
> On 15 Aug, 20:12, "John Mikes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> As for 1Z's axioms:
>> In my vocabulary axioms are artifacts invented to make our theories
>> workable. If 1 + 1 is NOT 2,
> How would that turn out the case?
>> you can say goodby to math.

We define arithmetic so 1+1=2, but that's a particular model for dealing with 
distinguishable, discrete things.  It doesn't apply to everything, e.g. (1 
member of the U.S. 400m relay team) + (1 member of the U.S. 100m sprint team) = 
(1 member of the U.S. Olympic team).  And given quantum entanglement and 
indistinquishability of particles it may only apply *approximately* to things 
like apples and oranges.  So if 1+1=/=2 it just means you tried to apply a 
where it doesn't work.

Brent Meeker

>> Furthermore I dislike the use of the word 'infinite' - in TEXTS I  rather
>> use: 'unlimited'.
> > 

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