2008/8/20 John Mikes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Brent wrote:
> "...But if one can reconstruct "the rest of the world" from these simpler
> domains, so much the better that they are simple...."
> Paraphrased (facetiously): you have a painting of a landscape with
> mountains, river, people, animals, sky and plants. Call that 'the totality'
> and select the animals as your model (disregarding the rest) even you
> continue by Occam - reject the non-4-legged ones, to make it (even) simpler.
> ((All you have is some beasts in a frame))
> Now try to "reconstruct" the 'rest of the total' ONLY from those remnant
> 'model-elements' dreaming up (?) mountains, sunshine, river etc. from
> nowhere, not even from your nonexisting fantasy, or even(2!) as you say:
> from the Occam-simple, i.e. as you say: from those few 4-legged animals, -
> to make it even simpler.
> Good luck.
> You must be a 'creator', or a 'cheater', having at least seen the total to
> do so. You cannot build up unknown complexity from its simple parts  -  you
> are restricted to the (reduced?) inventory you have - in a synthesis, (while
> in the analysis you can restrict yourself to a choice of it. )
> John

It sounds like a bit like 'we can't know what is the ultimate real
(truth ?) at all', and can only have a restricted/erroneous view on it
because the real is not the views we have on it... our real models
are, the real itself isn't. It's not the model and cannot be equate to
it. But we can only apprehend reality through a model/representation
we have in our mind.

Then it is not even false to say  'we can't know in an absolute sense
what is the ultimate real', but whatever the real real is, if this
real real thing is not modelisable nor thinkable (in an absolute
sense), then there is no sense of wondering or speaking of it, we
can't know what can't be known by definition.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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