Here is a pertinent paper, just published:

Unmasking the Truth Beneath the Beauty: Why the Supposed Aesthetic 
Judgements Made in Science May Not Be Aesthetic at All

Cain S. Todd
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume 22, Issue 1 
March 2008 , pages 61 - 79
DOI: 10.1080/02698590802280910

In this article I examine the status of putative aesthetic judgements in 
science and mathematics. I argue that if the judgements at issue are 
taken to be genuinely aesthetic they can be divided into two types, 
positing either a disjunction or connection between aesthetic and 
epistemic criteria in theory/proof assessment. I show that both types of 
claim face serious difficulties in explaining the purported role of 
aesthetic judgements in these areas. I claim that the best current 
explanation of this role, McAllister's 'aesthetic induction' model, 
fails to demonstrate that the judgements at issue are genuinely 
aesthetic. I argue that, in light of these considerations, there are 
strong reasons for suspecting that many, and perhaps all, of the 
supposedly aesthetic claims are not genuinely aesthetic but are in fact 
'masked' epistemic assessments.


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