"John Mikes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes
I try to point to some other aspect.

Free will is a figment of the religious etc. mindset to help people
get into remorse and guilt feelings according to the tenets of the
particular religion (patriotic, ethnic, racial, loyalty etc. domains).

A reasonable overall view, but of course we are not essentially led to
it. We are covering an enormous spectrum of human endeavour. For
example there is a political view also, such as that of George Lakoff
who writes on freedom in "The Political Mind". And that has great
stature too but it still does not necessarily imply that we must vote
Democrat. That won't necessarily improve our scientific theory.

We need to take all the factors into consideration, but we can take
individual personal subjective factors into consideration as and when
we need to and see if they can relate to (relatively) objective fact.

(but) 'uv' seems to speak about concepts handled in the  'physical
world' science-view

Yes, up to a point.


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